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5 strategies to achieve your new year resolution

new year resolution

For this time of year many people create the famous New Year's resolutions with the hopes of leaving behind many problems or improving things in their lives.
What not everyone knows is that there is a University of Scranton study that says that only 8% of people manage to complete their new year resolutions. Why do so many people fail and what is the secret of success? It is still under study but there are tools that ensure you are in the right direction.

The most successful not only create New Year's resolutions, but with them they create strategies to make these resolutions real.

# 1 Be clear about what your vision is


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Many people write to me about what they want to achieve and what their goals are but they are clearly not clear about what they want. Being clear about what you want means having a specific vision of what you want to achieve with a luxury of detail, how you see, how you feel, what experiences you will have when you believe it and all of this you must write (There is a synaptic connection when Plasma's a thought on paper).

Many people are not clear on what they want and prefer to stay in a relationship that does not make them happy or in a job they hate every day because they are "comfortable" and I am not here to be sometimes happy. So having these resolutions in detail, such as how many pounds you are going to reduce per month for 12 months, is crucial to achieving your goals.

# 2 You should know that some opportunities are distractions

This is what I see a lot among entrepreneurs where there are too many opportunities or too many good ideas. But many of the smartest people I know and most successful just focus on one thing. The idea is to stay focused and try to improve every day. I always pass all ideas through a filter. "This goes according to my mission and my focus at the moment, but this is how I put it in the notebook of good ideas and touched them when I am missing them."
That is a very common problem among "wannabes" who want to do everything but never end anything because they lose focus very fast.

# 3 Embrace the pain. Go beyond your comfort zone


Being vulnerable and risking more than other people often causes failures and these failures cause pain or simply overcoming fear is an extremely uncomfortable challenge but you know that if you achieve it you will reach your goals.
Embrace pain or discomfort will help you to keep going, not to get out of your way, if you understand, accept and make part of the process is much easier to overcome and continue with your goals.

# 4 Find a Way to Make Others Succeed

I was always a self-taught person from an early age and for some reason I grew up with a sense of selfishness that did not allow me to see opportunities in others. That was one of my great goals and achievements in recent years, that of giving to others and helping in everything I can. And this is reflected in all my goals, it is more I can say that I have gained much more than I have given.

Helping others succeed in their goals is reflected 100% in your goals and your successes.

# 5 Replace negative thoughts with gratitude

I hear many people say they always are regretting why not do the things that are proposed (They are their own bully's ). Obviously this does not provoke anything positive in your life or in the lives of others. So instead of blaming yourself because things do not go the way you want or need to talk to you "You know that this did not work or is not working that I can do about it, that I have to learn from this moment to do things better".

When you do not have clarity to understand, think "What am I grateful in this moment ?, I still stand ?, What would my life be like if I could not see ?, If I had an incurable disease ?, Would you see things different?" And change your thinking by positive gratitude.

As always, I want you to take action and achieve your resolutions this year. So I ask you a favor for today. Leave a message in this article about what is your most important resolution this year and what steps you are going to follow to achieve it, please be well specified I always read all messages.

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