Monday, December 19, 2016

Messages and Christmas statuses for whatsapp with images

Thanks to technology, we are increasingly connected with people, wherever they are and wherever they go. Many people today already have the application of whatsapp on their smartphones and use it to send messages quickly and unlimited and above all for free. At this Christmas Eve do not forget to take advantage of the technology to bring our Christmas message to our family and friends.

Since the beginning of December, a Christmas atmosphere is beginning to take place everywhere. The streets are decorated with Christmas motifs, television ads are seen on Christmas and on social networks people start to publish what they like about this special date.
Do you want to share the ones you feel every time Christmas arrives? Here you will find the best sentences for whatsapp states for Christmas.

Check out some messages that we have left below and choose the ones that you prefer to share with all the cute people that you want so much to wish them the happiest Christmas of all.

Find cute Christmas messages for Whatsapp:

"I wish for you that you live a beautiful stage of advent to receive with joy and much faith the arrival of the child Jesus and to always remain in your life. I hope to see you soon to give you a hug personally. "

"Dear friend , I send a strong virtual hug. I want you to spend it beautiful surrounded by your beautiful family of whom I always keep the best memories for being so united and believing.

“I want to transmit to you the desires that I hold in my heart because this is a time that should not be celebrated the last month of the year but every day of our life. Let God dwell in our hearts and never leave our side. Merry Christmas to all ".

"Dear Christmas, how well you came back for these homes, we were already getting long the waiting time. Now that you are here, we will take advantage of the spirit that you share to be happy, give us love and many blessings. I want all my friends to spend the most beautiful Christmas of all, because their unconditional support is the most valuable thing I have in life. A big hug for everyone; I hope to see you soon". 

"Dear friends, I take this opportunity to greet you with great affection at these holidays. I hope the magic of Jesus manage to get the best of you at this time so cute to share and express love. Let them have a wonderful time and let all the love that they will surely receive this Christmas into their hearts. I love you, give her the best. "

“There is no more important moment, of the 365 days of the year, than the Christmas season. It is the ideal situation to reflect, to evaluate new projects, to give affection and to share time with the people that we most appreciate. We do not give so much importance to the material, because that comes and goes are the memories that are engraved in our hearts, so let us take advantage to create new memories unforgettable. May everyone have a beautiful Christmas. " 
“For better or for worse, we are already big and for us, Christmas no longer has the same meaning. Now we are able to appreciate other things, give more value to the spiritual and the time of reflection that this season gives us. Let us take advantage of it and instil in children the possibility of valuing things that transcend the world of the material. Let us rediscover what is behind the commercial, the false; Let us give a different meaning to this Christmas, a meaning that fills our soul and our heart. Merry Christmas to all, I appreciate them very much. " 

"Once again, Christmas Eve has arrived and, with it, all the magic of Christmas. Let all this wonderful spirit guide us for the rest of the year, because when we have love in our heart, then it will be reflected in everything we do, because it will be full of love and tenderness. Merry Christmas, they are very special people for me and I always think of them. " 
It may not be the most traditional method but why not take advantage? We use social networks, our cell phones and, as we mentioned this time, the WhatsApp, to share with our loved ones a nice Christmas phrase. Imagine how happy you would be if you get a phrase like the ones presented. Come and give this joy to others. Luck!

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