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Cute Mother's Day SMS small quotes heartfelt wishes messages

Mother's Day SMS with quotes

Cute Mother's Day SMS small quotes heartfelt wishes messages in Hindi English Telugu Marathi etc. Send mother's day greetings by sms. Send nice SMS on Mother's Day 2017.

Currently it is very usual to send text messages to our family and friends, and even more so on special occasions such as the day of love and friendship, Christmas, New Year, etc. Through the SMS we can send our greetings to different people in a very short time. Do you want to send your best wishes and Cute Mother's Day SMS to special women on this Mother's Day? Well, it's very simple.

In this article we present you a list of mothers day text messages to mom. Choose the one you like best and send it to all those women who give the best for their children every day. Definitely the mothers who send them will love these words and will be very happy that you have dedicated a phrase so beautiful and heartfelt wishes messages.

Mother's Day SMS small quotes 💓

Mother's Day SMS small quotes

"I love you mommy, I feel great happiness to have you in my life, all the effort you do for me I value and I thank you. Congratulations on this Mother's Day. " 

"Thank you mom for every day you've dedicated to taking care of me, to give everything of you to see me happy. Your care and love do not compare to anything. Congratulations on this Mother's Day. " 

"Every night I ask God to give you life so that I can enjoy your love for much longer, you are the one who guides me and gives me strength. I wish you a happy mother's day.

"Dear Mother you have always given me your support, you have taught me very good things and I thank you very much. Have a nice mother's day. " 

 "Only you understand me, you're the best I have mom. I am very happy with you. I wish you all the best on this mother's day. " 

Mothers day text messages to mom

Mothers day text messages to mom

"In the best memories of my childhood you are present, I am very lucky to be your daughter, to have a happy mother's day.

"My mother you are the most important in my life, thank you for the dedication and love with which you created me. Have a nice mother's day and may God bless you because you are a great woman. " 

"I do not know what would become of me without your affection, you are a very special woman and an exemplary mother. I wish you much happiness on this Mother's Day. " 

"When I see photos where we are together it is inevitable to feel happy, next to you I have had only good moments that were recorded in my mind and in my heart, happy day dear Mom

Happy mothers day wishes messages

Happy mothers day wishes messages

On this mother's day express your good wishes to your mother with a nice and original mothers day text message. When your mother receives the Mother's Day SMS, she will know that they have a great son who does not forget his mother's affection. In this article we will show you some small quotes heartfelt wishes messages for Mother's Day. Send them to your mom and all the moms you know to have a great day.

"I am very happy because today is mother's day and I am lucky to have the best of all, you always show me with every action and that is why I wish you happiness and the best in the world, happy mother day

"Maybe there are many things that I lack in this world but what I will never lack is your love, I love you, Mommy, I wish you a happy Mother's Day

"I would love to be a child again and sit on your lap to hear stories where I was the prince and you the most beautiful of all queens, for me you will always be, happy mother day

"Despite the mistakes I made, your way of loving me never changes and you are always present in the important moments of my life, you are a being full of kindness and seeing you cause me immense happiness, have a happy Mothers day

"I love you mom because you have given me your mother's love throughout my life and because I have seen all the sacrifices you have made so that I never miss anything, you are unique and that is why I always carry you inside my heart, happy Mothers day "

With these SMS for Mother's Day , text messages wishes in Hindi and English you can send your best wishes to Mom on this date. If you want you can collaborate with this portal by sending your best mothers day sms on comment box, thank you.

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