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Love my mom quotes Famous lines Facebook Whatsapp Status

I love my mom quotes

Love my mom quotes Famous lines Facebook Whatsapp Status For the most special person in our lives, which is always when we need it, and also when we do not, that gives us that unconditional and pure love. For mothers, these phrases of love to a mother. 

Love my mom quotes

Love my mom quotes

Collection of love my mom quotes, mothers day lines, mother's day captions, poems, quotes, thoughts mother's day sentences and images dedicated to mothers. To share via facebook twitter Pinterest, send by email, print or paste on the wall of your page or whatsapp status, all dedicated to mothers in their day or any other time of the year. Mother's day thoughts and wishes Sentences of congratulation, of love, affection and recognition for what they mean for us.

The love of mother is eternal and priceless, any date is appropriate to send a card, a message or a line, to thank the love with which he raised us and whom he has dedicated so generously.

Although dedicating a simple Love my mom quotes or delivering a present on Mother's Day is inescapable, any other occasion may be appropriate, because they dedicate to us, or have dedicated us completely every day of their lives.

Love my mom quotes and famous lines

Love my mom quotes and famous lines
♡ With love I tell you, with love I present it to you, Happy Mother's Day! And that you are always by my side.

♡ M wonderful, A Love, D dedication, R responsibility, E special; each one of the letters of the word MOTHER keeps its meaning.

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♡ They say there is no perfect woman. Lie! If it exists and married my Pope. It's Your Mom!

♡ I love you Mom, no matter how many times you scold me, no matter how much we discuss, because I know that in the end, it will always be for me.

♡ Today I want to thank you for everything you have given me and thank God for giving me a mother like you. Thank you.

Mother's day thoughts and wishes

Mother's day thoughts and wishes

I have a Mother for whom without thinking I would give life, the same life that with affection she gave me.

• No one can ever want you as a Mother wants.

• We have only one mom, one mom, one mother in this world, one life, do not wait until tomorrow to tell her that you love her.

• Mama, a magic word that contains love, loyalty and self-denial; Mother's love is never compared to anything and anyone.

• The most beautiful word on a person's lips is the word Mother, and the sweetest call: My Mother.

• A Mother may have many children, but a child can only have one Mother.

• If you have your Mother near you, take care of her and give her all your love, she deserves it.

• A Mother always lives within us, she never dies because she lives inside her children.

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Best lines for mom on mother's day

Best lines for mom on mother's day

My Mother finds happiness when I find her, when I live something beautiful, she lives it through my experience. My Mother prays for me, even when I only pray for myself. My Mother would give me the whole world if I could.

• A Mother is not a person to lean on, but a person who does not need to lean on anyone.

• If a Mother published the silences she has kept, the children would become saints when they heard them.

• A Mother is able to give everything without receiving anything. Of wanting with all your heart without expecting anything in return. To invest everything in a project without measuring the profitability of your investment. A Mother continues to have confidence in her children when everyone else has lost her.

• Never in life will you find better, deeper tenderness,

Mothers day quotes and poems 

Mothers day quotes and poems

Mother, the letters of that word say a lot about you:
M : Of Maternity, sacred privilege that you have known to deserve
A : The Love of a Mother, insurmountable.
D : For the Duty, that you have felt, and you have put before your own happiness and for the Dedication towards your children
A : For being the Queen of your family, although we will not show it to you
E : Of special, for your love, For your delivery and for the way you try to keep your whole family together.

When I was happy,
When I was sad,
When I was in trouble,
When I needed help,
There you were, always ready for everything.
Thank you Mama

A request I make to God, that in your blessed hands Lord is my Mother, who is the light of my eyes, the reason for my smile, the reason for my laughter and my spirit to move on.

She is for me your representation, that touches me closely, your embrace, and your love.

I filled as nothing and nobody will.

Take care of it and bless it with health and happiness so that it will be many more years of your love in my walk.

Beautiful lines on mother's day

Beautiful lines on mother's day

The father and the son are two. Mother and son are one. Lao Tse

• The child recognizes his Mother by smiling. Virgil

• The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. WS Ross

• My mom was my best teacher. He taught me to have compassion, to love and not to be afraid. If love is sweet as a flower, my Mother is that sweet flower of love. Stevie Wonder

• I praise the eternal Father, not because he made them beautiful, but because he gave them the heart of the Mother. José Hernández

• The most beautiful word on a man's lips is the word Mother, and the sweetest call: My Mother. Khalil Gibran

• A father can turn his back on his son, brothers and sisters can become inveterate enemies, husbands can leave their wives, But the love of a Mother is forever.

Washington Irving • She is strong. She is a warrior. She's my mother. Bob Marley

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